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Thank you for visiting my website.  The links above will take you to the various pages.  Let me give you a brief update on the state of research in Parkinson’s Disease.

While there still is not a cure, the science has advanced considerably during the last two years.  We are understanding more each day.  Progress is being made on biomarkers which will give earlier indication and confirmation of disease presence.  This eventually will allow treatments to be administered before a person shows disease symptoms.  This will help delay or may even eliminate onset of the disease.

CNDR at Penn Medicine recently made a breakthrough discovery establishing a mechanistic link between the transmission of the pathologic protein alpha-synuclein and Parkinson’s .  This now makes this protein a primary target for treatment that could slow progression of the disease or even stop it.  So, still a lot to learn and be done, but progress is being made.  A short video describing recent progress follows.



So, now is the time to invest even more into research to drive the recent discoveries  to disease modifying treatments.  I am confident that with the needed support we will have new therapies that truly go beyond just treating the symptoms of the disease in the not too distant future.  Page 4 of the website provides instructions for gifts.  Page 5 has a longer video giving more information on the state of Parkinson’s research.